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tv   Newsline  PBS  January 9, 2014 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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the a sign it's friday january ten. i'm catherine comanche and tell camp chinese officials had introduced new rules on fishing and set up more diplomatic troubles with their neighbors. authorities in the promise of high non say foreign crews need to get permission before entry wanders around islands in the south china sea. the most common this badly and it can silence. officials in china and several neighboring
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countries claim both chains the chinese say foreign nationals must follow the rules or risk having their boats and equipment confiscated. taiwanese official in charge of policy toward china reiterated taiwan's claim to the islands she said the taiwanese do not recognize the rules. i will continue to protect the interests of their people and vessels. the spokesperson for the us state department joined in the criticism the passing of these restrictions on other countries fishing activities in dispute it. portions of the south china sea is a provocative and potentially dangerous act. he said all concerned parties should avoid doing anything they could raise tensions and undermine the prospects for a peaceful resolution. chinese officials have admitted to japanese prime minister's visit to war related shrine in tokyo. please be kind of postponement of several cultural exchanges. she'd done they went to the us can the shrine last month. it honors japan's war dead
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including leaders convicted of war crimes after world war two. earlier this week that chinese officials announced they would postpone it to me youth exchange programs at the time they cited but they called internal circumstances but now they see something else was behind the change of attitude change. the vehicle was due to open a wrong step but prime minister may affect cooperation and exchange between china and japan. was that japan must bear full responsibility chinese leaders have already rejected a summit between president xi game playing and how they or other leaders china's ambassador to japan says he's eager to get past the difficulties. turn your clocks as there are signs of improvement in business and in private sector exchanges it's really yummy. true friends in camden new jersey
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we shouldn't it is called the dentist had to make it to promo buy tons of friends and stealing still intact. since both get a new year party in tokyo about six hundred business leaders and others from both china and japan attended the event the honorary chairman of the tournament helped organize that. the chancel is absent and then at the japan china economic association recommended. efforts to forge better ties are gaining momentum in fields such as tourism education culture and sports since last year. i hope this will lead to improved bilateral relationships in other business the visit people in those countries must work toward better relations and little by little. japanese and french foreign and defense leaders sat down and parents on thursday for the first time to discuss bilateral cooperation japan's new diplomatic strategy is to strengthen security ties with its allies around the world hq has tumbled to come up that has
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more. and then finds help folks being called up to post anything the country scoring and defense ministers of the same people for the first time. they kissed cost and waste to strengthen the fence and security cooperation. for years for the scene where the meeting was a big success we agreed to create a framework for talks about controls on exports of defence equipment. and we agreed to work together more closely to deal with piracy us. last year japanese government expressed its concern to fines of up to a french company sending helicopter landing devices to time. officials said the price is could be used in tiny sparkles six and increase the capability of them handcuffed us to intrude into japanese airspace they say they want to open
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negotiations with their print counterparts to exchange more information about the exploits of the plants that can be used for medical purposes. government appears to be promoting peace joint defence and foreign ministry talks with the impala. go back. the united states held up to class today. the first time. but the performance of the six down to get that include. also held its first such meeting if i'm stuck in the bed. alterations in quotes by radical mosque about coldplay much in the pacific basin. and i'm off to read the act of having two nd to class making was the last seven years. i'm also plans to use its thirty teams in the. it was in form
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and get a mac and i'm at it he said he'd call. abbe is placing more importance on the security aspects of diplomacy failed phone administrations. ok i confess this is necessary if the state of az and in the twenty first century. in the post gazette contents the law. the security chaos to cozy for the new vistas but those did still use of trouble. and they hope to squarely face. to be entered into an arsonist is from the moving costs and the funniest. and but also coughed up a can of awesome is that if power is changing quickly. the funniest. so on this is our main course on and this could be the main course on the wild. abbi is visiting from middle eastern and african nations as
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the first step and i think is the nation's peace here that's how the administration is perceived as being long term by lora leigh. but trust that he's upfront this. after this and the three nations it's carol. now for the lead is seen in business news says the japanese crime in this day is on a tour to the middle east and african nations. i havent done this now from the diseases terrorists more about the time is kept him guilty on the road until the fifteen team so they chose to start his trip in oman. prime minister on a is trying to strengthen japan's ties in the region especially in the energy sector. the prime minister met with a one skein caboose been sunny. they released a statement afterward saying japan will provide the latest technologies for developing natural resources in oman bob is working to ensure a stable supplies of crude oil
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and natural gas for japan the leaders also agreed to cooperate to fight piracy and secure the straits of hormuz ships carrying forty percent of the world's trade in crude oil passed through the streets. they also beat a substantive agreement to promote investment. the prime minister will be traveling on to three african nations college of art. mozambique in ethiopia. the us share prices ended mixed on thursday investors treated cautiously while waiting for upcoming data on us non farm payrolls for more on japanese markets because he mean the effect of the stock exchange. elaine how markets opening this morning. like i've done that yet and i could start at the moment. here you all levels will find a january ten. he is down zero point two two percent at fifteen thousand eight hundred and forty six and this comes
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after an index lost one half percent. foley who has sixty thousand the appellant and on their state and so far for this year than it is in this territory and a broader topix is no lah by zero point four one percent and this post and not a session of lackluster performance on wall street now we are entering a season in the us and japan in the us outlets report that the quantity loss after the break as close as to the fact that the valuation of one point seven billion dollars on the snow there. it might be in the past and in japan on the state might have you read fast and he can be important to nine percent think the speed net profit for the september to november two thousand sixteen period for many years ago the operator of townsville clean teen site and a strong performance in its overseas operations especially in asia and our moving on to the currency market
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the dollar yen is not at one hundred and four point eight five to seven over ninety present and the one hundred and five level but in this us look weak to take profits as they were cautious ahead of the u s non farm payrolls report due to be the starting gate at the devonport meet you some clues as to the piece of reduction in february's abstinence program and aunt christy the european central bank has decided to keep its key interest rate unchanged at its historical role of zero point two five percent the common currency rose on optimism that the eurozone economy will continue to receive support from the ecb but in essence up to twenty sewed the euro and sixty cds decision also means lower retains foam floating in the u s to concede a yarn that is now at one hundred and forty two point six two two seats seven and will also keep track of ideas in asia pacific region and see how
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the fx markets here in japan xd i turned to doing things a lot will talk during a few hours between me from potential stock exchange there. britain is set to test its new wirelessly charge electric boxes. officials are betting the vehicles can run just as long as the traditional diesel powered buses. the project is set to launch later this month in milton keynes outside london. japanese trading house mitsui company and british engineering group gave out on the main backers the ceremony was held on thursday. british transport minister susan taylor said the project is an opportunity to learn more about the future. the capability of electric boss says. his trial to demonstrate the economic viability of was talking up a set of seats in the uk which will then kick start induction class projects in other towns and cities. in
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the uk on low for it the buses and the cordless lead the charge while parked over chargers fixed in the road. the divers repeat the ten minute the charging process at either end of the risks. the technology has helped downsize the large batteries previously needed to power electric boxes the new buses will be tested over five years up to eight vehicles will run in the city of it serving more than two thousand passengers a day and the silliness and business news for this hour is another check on the markets the eye. cheryl
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is intending travelers from boarding an airplane with any link with the move is part of the mass security clampdown ahead of the winter olympics in sochi next month. russian aviation authorities made the announcement on wednesday carry on liquids african native and domestic and international flights madison and milk for infants may be an exception regulators had previously allowed passengers to carry aboard the credits including cosmetics and medicines is less than one hundred millimeters. insecurity is meant to ward off the threat of attacks last month daily suicide bombings struck transport systems in the southern city of all the crowds. on thursday prime minister to maintain a dnf in state at a moscow station sitting trains for sochi. he requested officials to bolster security steps korean families separated since the war between north
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and south in sixty years ago may have lost a chance to see each other. officials in pyongyang rejected a call from the south can resume family re unions and they said that north korea's beatification committee sent the message to their counterparts in seoul. they turned down south korean president. one is called tearful reunions later this month. one reason they gave these cuts promised to work with other nations to keep pressing the noise to drop its nuclear program. and nowadays military exercises the south koreans plan to hold with the united states military is asking families can hold reunions in peace amid gunfire. the cia officials can talk together if the south koreans and ready to discuss proposals from the noise. analysts say that maybe a reference to pyongyang's desire to reduce the joint tourism project in the resort has now come to you're the one hundred and thirty thousand people in south korea have applied to meet their relatives in the north. the last three unions were in two thousand
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and ten. taiwan's main opposition party has relaxed its policy toward china the leaders of the democratic progressive party decided to increase exchanges with the mainland the politicians to spend the last presidential election in two thousand miles because of their stance on taiwan's independence the party chairman wants the committee last year to study the party's policies toward china announced it intends done has made adequate . when good job of the party has the confidence to engage in active contact between our think tank. local taiwanese government's than their counterparts in china helmand has concluded that the party should maintain its the seat position that taiwan is already an independent sovereign nation. residents living near turkey lie sleeping a little easier a suspect in over a ten mile creek in state custody
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earlier this week thousands of police officers mobilized to track him down. nhk was jungle meet ella shows as how they caught him. an ad an anna. you can see you go into the center. we stayed. it can be content with him. it was cold and tired. city market is twenty years old. did you stop drinking and driving to winning. he's a rest to him on monday. the leaders seem odd to him that was his fire and now face in the city of color psyche of psycho killer he was and is very nice and kept his title race along key phrases yourself and dashed out of the moon. now sarah chased him. they couldn't catch up. i raced launched a nationwide on hand. full fat and officers took part
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the really see much as photo and as the cadre to keep an eye out. residents were on acts. team. and weren't even going out to my house. turkey will be amazed as soon as possible. noah said the officers told those days the students harm in groups the disco and meanings raiders told parents this weekend. the costings to keep it he said trees were named to team up to haddock or why a lot of foreigners coming to when teams after kaczynski the use to get guys to figure out that in general what he she. the funky me know when each tallied the need for your behalf about twenty km from where he basically. so you want to run into a stream. officers surrounded him. he gave out i'm really liking sleep at
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night and has since then even i was too worried when my house walk to and from elementary school. now i'm glad to hear his cot. please critics and emotional weight handicapped in not taking any chances. they say they'll cooperate with prosecutors to make sure suspects write him an escape again she'll call me kill any scale world tokyo the republican contender for the white house is it trying to limit the damage of this scandal. chris christie is the governor of new jersey one of his aides is accused of orchestrating a traffic jam to pursue a political vendetta. us media are
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reporting that last september at christie's deputy chief of staff ton of traffic on the bridge making new juicy and new you like the allegedly ordered the enclosures because the mayor of the nearby community refuse to support christie's bid for reelection and i come out here today to apologize to people of new jersey. i apologize to the people of fort lee. and i apologize for the members of the state legislature christie said he had no knowledge or involvement in the issue he said the conduct was unacceptable and he has five teams. this is one of the most powerful figures in the republican party not clear but analysts are wondering if this scandal could tarnish his prospects for the white house. an asteroid and india's atmosphere of the essential brunch down last year. it exploded in an everest and damaging thousands of buildings and injuring hundreds of people how to defend the planet from potentially catastrophic allegiance with what's called
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a near earth objects or any onus is a common concern for the world's scientists in hk was auntie natalie emma tells us more. in the high mountains and the american southwest. researchers at this university of arizona observatory are keeping a close watch on the night skies. they are trying to identify near earth asteroids orbiting so close to the earth that they could cause a dangerous collision last year and astrid impact in russia sent shockwaves around the world. the initial mass was estimated to ao for ten thousand tonnes. when it entered the atmosphere the impact was so strong that more than one thousand five hundred people were injured mostly by broken glass. early detection of asteroids to prevent collisions with the earth is key. so far roughly ten thousand have been identified the scientists suspect that there are astronomically more
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we find any areas that were false or researchers who patiently monitor the night sky. one two three four. this is the moving on to the smear of asteroid. in one night about two hundred locations are surveyed. but sometimes i think no one is spotted and their limitations to surveying from the grounds the daytime sky is invisible to us and the sky below are horizon is invisible to us as well. so for many in one point don't go near it you can see it. half of the abyss this guy. just another initiative is to send the telescope into space project leader and former nasa astronaut ed lu plans to launch the space telescope and twenty team. this is currently humans possess knowledge only one percent of disastrous large enough to destroy a city. he hopes to discover two hundred thousand aspirants in the first year
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alone. if we allow our plan to be hit by another large restroom. just because of failure of us. it's not bad luck. chance. just because we had the technology we did not do something about it. i think. that's ok we can't let her. one potentially hazardous. astrid is detected a small spacecraft would be sent to read into it. this impact could change gas trades are bad just slightly but enough to keep it from hitting the air. other answers vary from destroying and buy a nuclear explosive device to directly attacks in iraq attention on the asteroid. but none had been put to the test so far last month member countries of the united nations met to discuss potential risks of near earth objects and adopted a resolution. and the establishment of an international expert group to research how the rate
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impacts. asterisk applied anywhere on earth. keeping the planet safe will require border this collaboration every now and on nhk world new york. it's an aftershock of the weather people eastern areas of canada and the united states having dealing with extremely low temperatures. i'm sure she joins us with the latest in a world class act. i think i can not that extreme cold air for some time now. over the eastern and southern canada. well that brought havoc to millions of people and also froze many rivers all his silly antics are coming up from trenton users see today. the recent cold weather has frozen the delaware river. many people came down to walking area and near the river to see the large patches of my knees and amid the water heinz has lines near the keeper is posing a threat of flooding to residents of trenton new jersey during her rise to six point three
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meters as of wednesday evening while after and the frozen rivers and also that record cold temperatures for licking at some record a warmth to come in into the weekend. this is a significant a warm up the friday temperatures each year around this time. ri above the average train spies into saturday and sunday take a lick of these double with this it's that you're going to be seeing looks quite nile than my building night's budget. these temperatures could actually rapidly not that i aced that huge aside this frozen river and the delaware river is in hudson river as we showed you pictures of yesterday. and also heavy rain will be accompanied with these kind of temperatures. all great recipe for urban flooding in christ and the lights and these are something that we must be aware of. so that's why we talk about across the eastern seaboard or saturday meanwhile right now there's a surge of the inhumane suddenly moisture pulling into the great lakes region. heavy snow will be found in western great lakes region and don't
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ever hear any of these can be thunderstorms as well as heavy rain towards the pacific northwest additional of about forty centimeters of snow fall of the piling up and not his patients coastal heavy rain and also cuts will be about seventy kilometers per hour or so the least of desert conditions most of the likely being a very hazardous conditions for driving down the nose to it the south and in and around california this is where we want the precipitation the drought conditions could get even worse the temperatures are as follows this list for night temperatures seventeen in san francisco with tension as the best that'd be a hotspot at twenty two to be so plenty of sunshine. but the humidity level will be baby go again so wildfire will be at very high risk here across asia now than when to pressure pattern is kicking in and it is quite strong which means that the sun very cool there will be covering much of the pen again today bringing really cool temperatures here until the metabolic conditions commonly canavan a cool temperature this morning well as kennedy lots of snow
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as well accompanied with it i've been in a building or on the western flank of japan are only down into two coca today so about twenty prefecture is honest forty seven here in japan is under warnings or advisories for heavy snow pile up will be about forty centimeters coming in and around the metro where we are to have reported eighty centimeters that pile up over the course of twenty four hours. the pacific side will be remaining very dry in fact dry advances and use it wisely so the two remaining to pull it from precipitation this well coldly that warning is still in place in northern and south korea. now across the southern china looking and wyatt spent like two rainfall but down twice the south more heavy rain to come due to the top of a potential for a tropical depression that development over the philippines mindanao uni you conceive risk of flooding. on the dairy increased level. on leaving out their extended forecast i
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am noon. and. it is. this is a sin and design and testing
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a sin and design and testing programs. as
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